Practice League™ @ The Cloud

Our Cloud Solution

“The new and preferred choice of implementing a new technology service.” 


Unlike many practice management systems with long and expensive transition plans and consultancy periods, NewGalexy Practice League™ has been built to give you instant access to your very own powerful but easy to use law practice.

Our cloud solution assists you achieve speed, scale and all the economic benefits of cloud computing.

Why say “yes” to
NewGalexy Practice League™ @ the Cloud?

  Minimum IT Infrastructure requirements
Anytime, anywhere access
Significantly lower hosting costs
Collaboration with other users
Instant scalability
More reliability
Sophisticated disaster recovery
State of the art security 
Environmentally friendly


Don’t worry – we have taken special steps to protect your privacy and security. Our cloud partner is Microsoft which means NewGalexy Practice League™ is hosted on the world’s most reliable cloud service –  Microsoft Azure®.

Some statistics on our hosting partner Microsoft:


  Microsoft Cloud infrastructure supports over 1 billion customers, 200 million businesses and runs in 76 markets worldwide.

 Microsoft Azure® has over 240 million user accounts from companies and organisations in 127 countries.

 Microsoft Azure®’s cloud storage holds more than 4 trillion objects and handles on average 270,000 requests/second with a peak of 880,000 requests/second.


To read more about the security, privacy and compliance of Windows Azure, please click here